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Plant the Seed

You have your perfect infographic. Now what? At Infographic Seeding we help make your audience, traffic and backlinks grow by seeding your infographics across our expansive and top-performing distribution network.

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Feed and Water it

We provide full seeding campaigns, including bloggers and Webmaster outreach, press releases, social media strategizing, and more. This holistic approach increases your turn on investment and help your infographic go viral.

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Watch it Grow

We do for infographics what Miracle Grow does for your lawn. By distributing to the top publishers online, we make sure your infographics are picked up, linked to, and shared across the web.

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Why Choose Infographic Seeding?

  • 100% Non automated
    All your seeding is done in-house, managed cloud hosting
  • Be seen on the web
    Let’s our experts help your campaign
  • Real ROI
    All our campaigns are 100% guaranteed
  • One of a kind strategy
    No other service offers what we do
  • Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook Fanpages
    We leverage these, and other social media platforms, for you
  • Blogger/Webmaster outreach
    We do the work so you don’t have to
  • Press Releases
    Our press release distribution gives your infographic more exposure
  • Two-week campaigns
    Because nothing happens overnight
  • Article Seeding
    Posted on relevant, top-performing sites
  • And much more …
    A complete seeding campaign at your service, for complete SEO, Web Design Solution please visit https://cliquedmedia.com/

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What Our Clients Say About Us

We’re only as good as our reputation

I didn’t expect this service to be this great. I was skeptical at first, having never used an infographic seeding company before. But after seeing how it improved my site traffic, I’m a believer. I highly recommend it.

If you’re need help seeding an infographic this is the company to work with. Eric and his team are like golden when it comes to leveraging the most popular social channels, sites and blogs.

Barbara Rose
SEO Consultant

James Bush
Creative Director