Infographic Creation

Any Infographic Questions?

    What are infographics?

    Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.

    What does our service include?

    Our infographic service includes the following:

     1.) Initial planning of the piece- This includes a high level overview of the piece.

    2.) We will research data to include in the infographic.

    3.) Detailed plan – We will include all stats to go in the infographic with a structure.

    4.) We will design the infographic according to a style you have agreed.

    5.) We will publish the infographic on your blog, and get it featured on top online/blog sites.

    6.) We will reach out to targeted influencers to get your infographic featured.

    7.) A report showing where the infographic was featured with stats.

    Common Questions

    • Do you have setup fees or contracts?

      We don’t believe in setup fees for any of our infographic services. Yes, we do have a contract for our infographic creation service.

    • Do you stand by your quality?

      Yes, we have a talented team of top-notch designers. We want to create an infographic of value for you. If you’re dissatisfied with your infographic we will refund all your money.

    If you provide the data, it takes a month to create a new infographic. This will include four revisions.

    You don’t have to spend big agency prices since we are cutting the middleman out of the picture. Our cost are lower since we only focus on infographic services.

    Not only do we create quality infographics, but we see the importance of building relationships with our clients. We understand the difficulties that a client can have working with a new company. We don’t approach our clients as “business.” We will hold your hand throughout the whole process and make sure that you’re 100% satisfied. We have 24/7 support for our campaigns.

    Our Packages


    Bronze Package






    Gold Package


    Placement Package




    Silver Package





    Bronze Package

    Our bronze package includes the following:

    A month to design your infographic. This includes 4-5 revisions of your infographic.

    Timeline: A month

    Silver Package

    Our Silver package includes the following:

    We will research all the data for your infographic. It takes two weeks to find all the data for your infographic. Your infographic design takes a month to design, and includes 4-5 revisions.

    Timeline: A month and half to complete.

    Gold Package

    Our Gold Package includes the following:

    A month for concept, researching the data, and design. The distribution of your infographic will be a month long drip campaign. Therefore, expect all results to be given to you within two months. All distribution results will be send on a pdf, or csv file.