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Why Is Infographic Effective in Promoting a Brand, Product or Company

Why Is Infographic Effective in Promoting a Brand, Product or Company

There are some individuals who slam social commerce while others reap a lot of benefits from it. Social commerce is not only a suitable way for a company to make money but also an effective way for new customers to discover information about a certain product, company or brand which they have never come in contact with. For this reason, it is important for an individual to create a template which they can use to make their company’s name, brand and product become viral through social marketing. One such template is infographic, a suitable and powerful tool for promoting one’s business, brand and products.

What is an infographic?

An infographic is a template that involves combination of text, data and compelling graphics that are suitable and perfect in presenting information about your products, new brands and company. In the online marketing, infographic has become a potential marketing strategy that is effectively generating positive advertising results.

Infographic is widely being used as a marketing and advertising tool where it is used to present complicated data and ideas using eye-catching graphics. This makes it suitable for viral marketing since the information presented is able to reach thousands of potential customers within a matter of days if done properly. This is done through the leveraging of social media such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.One should also leverage top sites and blogs that fits the infographic demographic.

Here are some of the qualities that make infographic a dynamic marketing tool for viral marketing;

1. Visual appeal: Through the use of well illustrated data about your new products on infographic template, you are able to make such information visual appealing to the targeted groups.

2. Instantaneous and convenient advertising: Through infographic, you are able to present information about your company or brand through graphics. This is a convenient way for your audience to access information other than reading through several pages which may be boring and time consuming.

3. Innovative and content presentation: Through infographic template, you are able to re-use content which has been written by just transferring it to the template. This allows expansion of the existing content without duplicating the already existing one.

4. Service promotion: Through infographic marketing, one is able to quickly and easily convey the benefits of a given product or service.

How to use infographic in your business

No matter what kind of a business you are in, whether media broadcasting, education or engineering, you can use infographic to market your business services and products. Some of the various ways in which companies use infographic include;

1. Creating content for a product or information about your new business that is able to go viral once it is presented through social network.

2. Businesses use infographic to create awareness about key issues. In education for example, it can be used to convey information about schools’ performance. In healthcare, infographic can be used to create awareness on medical performances and cost for the services.

3. It is used to create more social media exposure.

How to create a perfect infographic

To enhance your brands’ credibility and generate traffic, it is important to create an engaging and effective infographic. Here are some of the simple steps to follow so as to create a successful template that will increase awareness of your product;

1. Be clear on your objectives and goals

You have to think critically about the dry data and information which you need to convey through infographic. The added information should add value to the viewers and should be simple for them to understand.
The design, structure and promotional strategy should highly depend on your secondary and primary objectives. This is because infographic is used to increase product awareness, drive sales to your business and advertise your new brand. Therefore, your design should be specific based on your objective and targeted groups.

2. Use suitable infographic tools

For suitable results, it is important to select the right tools that are user friendly when creating and designing an infographic. There are multiple websites which provide charged and free services that allow users to design their own infographic. Here, you will be provided with different templates that have varying colors, icons, graphics and texts front.

Once you pick a template, you can add the necessary data, texts and graphics so as to make it eye-catching. For example, a modern online HTML5 designing tool is a suitable template that is simple to create, drag and drop features onto it.

3. Make your texts and data presentable

To make sure your brand name runs viral, it is important to present easily understandable data using attractive designs. This can be done using high quality images, objects, information and graphics that will make infographic lively.
It is also important to highlight important features and be creative while presenting the data. Additionally, make sure your design is meeting your targeted groups’ requirements and the objectives of your business.

4. Use the right color

To make your infographic template eye-catching, it is important to use refreshing designs, attractive themes and right color combinations. The best color combination can be obtained by identifying a central theme and then using complimenting colors and shades combinations throughout the design.
Secondly, you can use a combination of colors for different segments of infographic. This can be used to highlight the key points and specific areas within the template.

5. Refer your infographic by citing your URL, and credible data sources

If your target audience does not know the source of information being presented, your efforts towards viral marketing may be drained. For this reason, it is important to add a URL link to the design which will provide information on the source of data presented. Ensure the data is credible since wrong information can negatively affect your marketing strategies.

6. Promote your infographic

For viral marketing, it is important to aggressively promote your infographic. This can be done by using different content marketing techniques such as promoting through infographic directories. Additionally, you can share the templates on social media platforms such as facebook, twitter among others. Another effective way of promoting your infographic is through guest posting on the leading websites.
Infographic has become more popular in social commerce. This is because it is a powerful tool that is able to create viral marketing which creates your product awareness and increases sales. Try using this advertising template next time you want to quickly and effectively convey information about your brand, product and company and see the results for yourself.

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