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InfoGraphic Marketing and Its Benefits

InfoGraphic Marketing and Its Benefits

What is InfoGraphics

What is InfoGraphics

For the last ten years sharing information has become more popular thing across the web, thanks to the Ireland Web Design who has introduced this in to many of its customer in year 2006. Infographics are a visual representation of data in a collection of imagery and charts that portrays an easy understanding of topics see the figure below.

Advantages of infographics in marketing

1.  Human Brain is Known to Process Visuals Better Than Written Text

When the brain receives information in a visual format, it visualizes it quicker than in a text format. Having a well designed and organized infographic remains the best way to share data. The visual remains memorable because of the elements that are used to break down more complex and tiresome data to the consumers.

For example, you can have learners who are likely to have difficulties in remembering text-based data and infographic can be the best way to help them.

2.  Infographics in Marketing Simplifies Complex Content

With the use of infographic, more complex ideas can be digested into easy information and keep the engagement going on. Long contents sometimes can be tiresome and not everyone will have the time to read.

However, when executed by the use of infographics they become simple and understandable. For simplicity use colourful charts, graphs and pictures to bring out the full details to the consumers.

3.  Infographics Enhance Links and Knowledge Retention

One of the good things infographics has enhanced is the landing page  links where there’s good information shared. Infographic link building is said to take time and requires outreach but many marketers are not willing to do it. Infographic links is another powerful way to increase website traffic and boost your SEO.

There are many other factors that contribute towards your SEO efforts, like web hosting, on-page and off-page SEO, size of Images and so many other things.

What is InfoGraphics

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4.  Infographics can be Shared

Apart from being likeable, infographics can also be shared between members with blog posts and articles. It is estimated that 80% of marketers use visual infographics in their social media tweets. This has helped the tweets to receive 18% retweets as compared to tweets that don’t have images.

Sharing infographics can be a difficult task sometimes but when shared on your blog will give you more engagement. Also, remember that not all infographics are fated for success. click here to learn more about sharing info graphics

5.  Infographics are Eye-Catching and Attractive

In marketing especially online, you must be able to attract your audience, since infographics are a visual articulation then they should at least be eye-catching. The combination of colours, pictures and content make infographics more appealing and increases engagement.

6.  Infographics Builds Relationships

When you present and promote your infographics it attracts more viewers. This will create opportunities that develop relationships with organizations, social media and influential individuals. Digital marketers take advantage of the growing interest in infographics and use it as an effective tool to increase relationships and reach more audiences in the digital market.

7.  Infographics Enhances SEO

Infographics drive people to your website, this means a well designed and pleasing infographic will help strengthen the SEO of your website. Infographics are better known for becoming viral and reaching a large audience. This will help you get more visitors to your site and boost more contextual backlinks. The more backlinks you have the more search engines recognise your site and rank you on the Search Engine Results Page.

8.  Infographic will Enhance Your Brand Awareness

The visual representation will captivate the human eye and therefore infographic will be a greater tool to enhance your brand. This can be done by combining your logo within the infographic and your target audience will see it with all the information in it. This will make the brand memorable and affect the buying choice for potential client’s.

Up to You

There are fewer infographics that are being promoted but that does not mean they are dead from the creative digital media strategies. When an infographic is used for the right purpose, it can give rise to good benefits.

The use of infographics makes you an expert when your content is highly relevant and more useful to the targeted audience. Use quality infographics to be able to deliver high-quality content to the targeted audience

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